A little bit about me

944941_10154072237461303_5587362623835912383_n20 something year old Lagos born/London raised graduate, who gave up ‘everything’ in a crazy attempt to learn as much Spanish as possible in the shortest possible time!

“Why do you want to learn Spanish?  How is that going to help you in life?  Can you even afford to travel long term? Why choose to live in Nicaragua of all places in the world?”

These are just a few of the questions people had asked me when I began to spill the beans on my decision to leave London and move around the world in an attempt to learn as much Spanish as possible.  Well, this borderline obsession all started in 2010 on a trip to Barcelona, when I fell in love with Spain and all things Spanish (ironically in the least ‘Spanishy’ city of Spain!) I’m a chatterbox and I got frustrated that in one of my favourite cities in the world, I couldn’t communicate with the locals.

This led to hours and hours spent taking Spanish lessons, listening to Spanish songs and downloading every single language Spanish learning app Android Play has to offer! But progress was still slow and I felt the only way I can achieve my dream of fluency is to GET OUT OF LONDON AND SPEAK SPANISH EVERYDAY. So that’s basically what I’m doing  trying to do…and along the way I’ve decided to document my progress to inspire and encourage the average person that it’s never too late to learn a new language. So watch this space and see how far I can get to fluency!



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